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Service Description

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) – using inert gas. MIG machines are perfect for welding aluminum, copper, titanium products, nickel and various alloys – From 2 mm. and higher

MAG (Metal Active Gas) – using nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases that bind oxygen. The type of welding is used for workpieces made of low-alloy, non-alloy and corrosion-resistant steels – From 1 mm and above

TIG welding (TIG) – instead of a wire or a consumable electrode, a refractory tungsten electrode with a high melting point is used. The process takes place in a protective gas environment – argon. By itself, the electrode for argon arc welding cannot be melted. Therefore, filler material from the same metal as the workpiece can be used for the weld. In some cases, the seam is formed as a result of edge melting – From 0.5 mm and above

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